Your smile is a basic communication tool and speaks volumes; an attractive smile can improve your entire appearance, enhance self esteem and a more youthful smile can take years off your look.

Over time, the natural ageing process and lifestyle habits such as drinking coffee, tea, or wine and smoking can stain your teeth. With our specialised teeth whitening techniques and products (used and endorsed by top Hollywood dentists) your smile can be restored to its natural white beauty and your entire treatment is carried out by an experienced, highly qualified, UK trained and registered dentist, ensuring not only safety, but also naturally consistent results.

All treatments are preceded by a thorough consultation and appropriate examination by our qualified dentists to ensure the utmost safety and optimal results.

Treatment involves making a mould of the teeth to be whitened, to produce a custom fit, ultra thin, clear mouthguard. At your second appointment you will be shown how to use your mouthguard which will hold the whitening solutions (also be supplied at this stage).

Typically, you will need to wear your mouthguard for 30 minutes twice a day, during which time you can undertake normal day to day activities (eg driving, housework, gym training etc..). You will be monitored during the whitening treatment and reviewed periodically.

Treatment is completely painless, although some patients may experience temporary sensitivity during the process which we can monitor and treat.

Teeth whitening in Guildford by professional dentists
only £225…