Anti wrinkle injections, more commonly known as “Botox treatment”, are an extremely popular treatment with an excellent safety record- especially when administered by our specially trained and highly experienced clinicians at our state-of-the-art clinic in Guildford.

Scientific studies have shown that repeated use of certain facial muscles causes creasing of the skin in areas of greatest use.

In addition, the ageing process causes a decrease in collagen and elastin production in the skin, so that with time, these areas of over use become damaged and unflattering lines become more permanent, producing what are commonly known as ‘frown lines’, ‘forehead creases’, ‘crows feet’ or ‘wrinkles’.

Botox treatment involves the injection with an ultra fine needle of a highly purified, laboratory produced protein derivative of Botulinum toxin into these facial muscle groups, which weakens and relaxes them.

Hence by reducing movement in these areas, the skin stops being creased and is allowed to recover, causing these unflattering lines to soften or in many cases fade away.

Many people liken the treatment to a very mild insect bite, if anything, and your surgeon can use an anaesthetic cream to reduce any discomfort.

The actual treatment process takes 10 to 15 minutes but is always preceeded by a thorough consultation and assessment to discuss your treatment and any worries or potential side effects. It is possible to return to work directly after treatment- in fact many patients elect to have treatment in their lunch hour, although occasionally there may be some temporary redness or slight swelling in the areas treated.

Although the single most common cosmetic procedure in the US and having enjoyed an excellent safety record for the past 25 years, we make certain recommendations to our patients.

We recommend patients refrain from vigorous excercise directly after treatment, that they do not lie down immediately afterwards or that they do not fly for 2 to 3 days after treatment.

We also advise that this treatment is not available to expectant or breast feeding mothers, patients taking aminoglycoside antibiotics, or those suffering from certain neuromuscular disorders and taking certain medications.

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